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Here you will find Waste Free Me inspiration with links, documents and resources to assist your waste free adventures. Sources used to inform blog posts are listed here in case you want to verify the stats :) Lets get free from waste, rubbish, trash, stuff, clutter and start to create treasure, thrift, health, clean spaces, art and more money in your pocket!

Waste Free Me Resources

Links to awesome waste free websites or resources. 

Downloadable Poster - Recycle Your Soft Plastic in 3 Easy Steps.

The A - Z of Recycling Guide. Very, very useful especially if you are in Canberra, as it is by the ACT Government.

The Green Guide to Bushwalking - Leave No Trace is a great document on how to enjoy natural spaces with minimal environmental impact.

Websites to inspire getting waste free.

1. Trash is for Tossers

2. Zero Waste Home

Much more coming soon. watch this space!

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