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Contact the Waste Free Me munsters Nic and Bee.

Let them know your questions about ...stuff.

Your stuff, your friends stuff, any stuff you want to find out how to recycle or re-purpose. They may not know the answer right away but, through this waste free journey, they can help you find out.  

A Bit About Nic


I have pretty much spent most of my life in Canberra and love it very much. However, I think I am a beach person at heart and would prefer to live closer to a beach, maybe one day this will happen. I also love the outdoors and nature. I love going hiking, observing animals in the wild, did I mention I like the beach? I live a pretty active lifestyle, playing touch, going to the gym, powerlifting, Muay Thai, BJJ, surfing did I mention the beach? In my spare time when I am not working in the public service and being active, I like to spend time with Bee and mess with our kitty Midnight. 

When Bee thought up the Waste Free Me project, I thought it may be a bit burdensome at times, but it would be a worthy project, and it’s our way of doing something for the environment.

Oh, I have been also a monk for about 9 months, but that is another story....

A Bit About Bee


For the last 10 years I have been running wild with groups as they explore educational, leadership journeys' through some of the most stunning unusual and remote places in Australia and around the world.

I am most at home in untamed wild places accessible only on foot, but you can also find me in boardrooms, classrooms and city parks running adventure learning, seminars, workshops and online learning. I have designed and facilitated educational programs for some of Australia's various leadership development organisations. 

I love to work in my pyjamas as often as I can and stand for leaving people and places better than I find them. The waste free me project is a way of making the world around Nic and I a little better. 

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