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waste free me - the good stuff is in here

Stories and experiences of living waste free. Articles to help you get waste free too! 

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Flying the Red Eco Flag

Waste Free Bee

In this post:

  • Real Feminine Health. What it looks like and it calls for celebration!
  • The hidden dangers of 'sanitary' items. Seriously Ladies, you need to know this. 
  • Awesome (and some weird) alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. 
  • Cork-pons...look for them.
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Enviro-Safe Sex: Does It Exist?

Waste Free Bee

In this post:

  • Nic tackles the ins and outs of safe sex for enviro lovers. (Cue Barry Brown “Sex bomb” background mooosic)
  • We explore the question, "Can we make a better world through more bang-bang?"
  • Take a peek into the Next Generation of condoms being developed in an Australian coastal city.  
  • What has happened to the 'Too Hard' Basket?
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How To Fix Common Recycling Mistakes.

Waste Free Bee

In this post:

  • Common recycling mistakes you might be making that send recoverable resources straight into landfill.
  • Learn the WHAT, HOW and WHERE of recycling well. 
  • Trouble and Treasure - What happened after the Plastic Special last week?
  • A little video on “Your Stuff” that will make you split your sides with the hilarious truth of what you own. 
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What cha gonna do with all that junk...

Waste Free Bee

Our first two weeks of Waste Free Me - What we've learnt so far.

  1. How tasty humble pie is. (Bee learnt this.)
  2. Waste weigh in number one. How much waste we are currently producing.
  3.  The 'too hard' basket. What’s in it so far.
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