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Oh No! What Did We Do?

Waste Free Bee

Uh oh! We just did two of the most environmentally unsustainable things we could do.

In this post:

  • A quick update to catch you up after our long absence. 
  • Two confessions, number two is a biggie...

It’s been a crazy three months since our last blog post. Much has happened and as we keep sayin’, we have not been doing all the most environmentally sustainable activities we could do. The first of our two confessions is: (For those who follow us on facebook this will come as no surprise...)

FIRST CONFESSION: We jumped on some fuel guzzling planes and took a trip from Australia to Europe. Italy and France to be exact.

Thankfully this was not our plane.

Thankfully this was not our plane.

Flying is known to be a big contributor to pollution yet off we went. We have no excuses other than this trip was a lifetime wish for Nic and a good 18 months in the planning to make it happen for us.

What we DID do was use it as an experiment to see how little waste we could generate while away from our home systems of compost, worm farms, chickens and awesome local council recycling access.

We will share our travel hints and tips in the next blog post - The TRAVEL EDITION -  with what we took, what we discovered and what we would do next time! 

SECOND CONFESSION: Ok yes soooo, you may forgive us the temporary jaunt off to a big travel destination however this next confession is in the PERMANENT CHANGE category. Actually to be honest, we have just contributed the worlds biggest environmental and climate problem. And we have to admit, we have no regrets.....yet.

Let me explain this way. We booked two seats on the aeroplane but THREE of us went travelling....


A tiny, poop, spew and waste producing individual who will contribute to overpopulation and over their lifetime produce an average of 4/5th of a tonne of rubbish per year.


But, we admit, we couldn’t be happier.

The way we see it, this is one more opportunity to influence at least one individual, one of the futures inhabitants, to understand the importance of living a low impact, low waste lifestyle. Our little bundle is due in January (OMG so soon!) smack bang inside our waste free year. First we panicked a little. Then we realised the opportunity we have to discover how to reduce the huuuuuge waste impact of having a mini-but-maxi consumer who depends on all of our choices. 

Oh yes, your heard me...


(Dear Nic and Bee. Keep breathing and remember this is an o.p.p.o.r.t.u.n.i.t.y.)

So, dear readers, while there will be some times of focus on family friendly zero waste habits, we will also continue to explore and share about all aspects of going waste free. 

Look out for our upcoming posts on:

  • Hints and tips to reduce your waste while on holiday. Our next post - the travel edition including - What happened when we left our waste free house to house sitters!
  • What happens to your discarded clothing.
  • De-cluttering your house using waste free principles. 

Until next time, take care of yourselves and your surrounds!

Nic, Bee and the small Cinnamon Bun we are cooking :)