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waste free me - the good stuff is in here

Stories and experiences of living waste free. Articles to help you get waste free too! 

Flying the Red Eco Flag

Waste Free Bee

In this post:

  • Real Feminine Health. What it looks like and it calls for celebration!
  • The hidden dangers of 'sanitary' items. Seriously Ladies, you need to know this. 
  • Awesome (and some weird) alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. 
  • Cork-pons...look for them.
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Enviro-Safe Sex: Does It Exist?

Waste Free Bee

In this post:

  • Nic tackles the ins and outs of safe sex for enviro lovers. (Cue Barry Brown “Sex bomb” background mooosic)
  • We explore the question, "Can we make a better world through more bang-bang?"
  • Take a peek into the Next Generation of condoms being developed in an Australian coastal city.  
  • What has happened to the 'Too Hard' Basket?
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Everything Food Waste

Waste Free Bee

In this post:

  • What to do with all those food scraps - solutions to all kinds of spaces.
  • The pros and cons of five different food waste options.
  • See which company is taking some of our 'too hard' basket items and will give us $$ in return. Yes. $$
  • Awesome initiatives to reduce your waste and improve your carbon footprint.
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How To Fix Common Recycling Mistakes.

Waste Free Bee

In this post:

  • Common recycling mistakes you might be making that send recoverable resources straight into landfill.
  • Learn the WHAT, HOW and WHERE of recycling well. 
  • Trouble and Treasure - What happened after the Plastic Special last week?
  • A little video on “Your Stuff” that will make you split your sides with the hilarious truth of what you own. 
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What cha gonna do with all that junk...

Waste Free Bee

Our first two weeks of Waste Free Me - What we've learnt so far.

  1. How tasty humble pie is. (Bee learnt this.)
  2. Waste weigh in number one. How much waste we are currently producing.
  3.  The 'too hard' basket. What’s in it so far.
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A smart person would have cleaned the house.

Waste Free Bee

Today, the rubbish bin gets sealed up for an entire year and I'm sitting in an explosion of mess.

Life has been hectic and boxes, styrofoam, bits of plastic, junk mail and all sorts of random stuff has avalanched in, weighing heavily on my eyes and constantly creeping underfoot. The washing isn't sorting itself and even the cat has added his bit, depositing a sizable furball on the rug. 

I lament "A smart person would have cleaned the house from top to tail before declaring a year without waste and going public with their waste habits!" I am having daydreams about hiring a massive skip and tossing all the clutter in. Bye-bye mess! Bye-bye stuff. Bye-bye garage full of random items - I don’t even know what you are!

Smart? Clearly not I.  Especially as I have no time at all for a massive cleaning effort to present a fabulous, sparkling house as we demonstrate how to not throw anything away from spotlessly clean cupboards and minimalist tranquility....hmm. Off to Plan B then.

There will be no last minute cleaning effort. No quick dumping of styrofoam as we prepare to declare Zero Waste. Why not? By tackling the tough trash, the stuff most people accumulate without thought, (the stuff we won't buy anymore!) we will learn valuable lessons in reaching the goal of Zero Waste. 

The best thing is, you get the benefit! We will do the messy detective work so your waste free journey is informed and as smooth as possible. Today, I’ll continue to stare at my jumble of boxes and mess. Because tomorrow, and every day after, they are in my lazer sights! 

What To Look Out For Over the Next 12 Months

CubeBot says  "Hi!"

CubeBot says "Hi!"

Meet CubeBot: Our friendly mini robot. He will be accompanying us on the waste free journey and will feature on the many adventures. Look for him in our photos!

Giveaways: Handy resources designed to make it easier for you to drastically reduce your waste with a series of lifestyle upgrades. Choose your own level of waste free adventure!

Europe Bicycle

Travel: We will head over to Europe later in 2015 and see what it takes to generate no waste while travelling.


Interviews: Over the next 12 months we will be interviewing people who inspire waste free living by who they are and what they do.

Christmas Waste

Christmas: Woo! Deck the halls with real bio-degradable holly! We will tackle one of the most wasteful times of year to discover how to have a very merry, waste free silly season. 


See you all in two weeks for our first waste weigh in! 

Nic & Bee