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why waste free

Do we really need be waste free? Keep reading to judge that for yourself.  

Help Earth

Why go Waste Free?

Every year the average Australian throws away 650kgs of rubbish. 

If a family of four didn't throw out their rubbish, 650kgs x 4 would fill an ENTIRE 3 BEDROOM HOUSE FROM FLOOR TO CEILING! For our two person household this means 25kgs of rubbish every week.

Thankfully, we in Australia are only the second highest producers of rubbish in the world.

America trumps us with 715kgs per person. So we can sit back, keep on unwrapping all those plastic covered goods and feel great that Americans are unwrapping more...hmm. 

Did You Know? 

About one third of the food produced for humans to eat each year, 1.3 billion tons, gets ruined or wasted. This means, if you bought three bags of food at the grocery store today, you may as well go home and throw ONE ENTIRE BAG of your food straight into the rubbish. You would be labelled as totally insane if you were caught doing this, but according to these statistics, we ARE doing it! 

We are addicted to stuff.

We live in an amazing modern world full of incredible, inventive, useful things that nature and humans have created.  The joy of acquiring a new ‘thing’ that compliments your lifestyle is, well, just so addictively good! This appears to be the experience of most people as we are making and acquiring ‘stuff and things’ at an unprecedented rate. We have many terms for it: consumerism, retail therapy, shop-a-holic and many others.  Millions of us participate gleefully and gladly each week. 

Have you ever experienced buyer’s guilt?

Throwing something away as soon as you lose interest, it’s been upgraded, or it’s broken or no longer useful. How about garbage guilt? Throwing away those bits of food that are probably still good, but don't look as fresh as the new stuff you just brought home. Into the bin it all goes! Meanwhile, you may have a momentary pang of, "Oh that's a pity, I'll try to plan better next time." 

I sure have. Many times. Sometimes I've bought lovely fresh food and between changed plans, forgetfulness or plain laziness, I've tossed a whole piece of meat or tray of veggies away because I kept on planning to use it and just never did.  It's the same as throwing money in the garbage. 

The rubbish issue is created and perpetuated by individuals. So, individuals are who will fix the problem. That is why going waste-free became so important to this little household. There are so many reasons why going waste-free makes total sense. One of the big ones we aim to prove is: 

Going waste free will save money.

By declaring ‘waste free!’ and going for zero, we hope to discover significant dollar savings, show positive steps in healthy living and improve the home environment. Follow the journey here as we tackle travel, Christmas, the dirty dozen of the waste world and difficult to dispose of rubbish items.