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What does it take to create no waste?

Waste Free Me is an account of one household's journey from wasteful to waste free over one year.

We are going for Zero!

DID YOU KNOW? The organic materials in land fill (food-scraps and food waste) are huge producers of the polluting gasses formed from land fill. The rotting scraps release methane gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide, contributing significantly to climate change through additional greenhouse gas emissions.

Waste Free Me will look at waste free solutions for all types of households—whether you're in a city apartment, caravan, farm house, share house or suburban property.

Follow the journey with on the Waste Free Me blog, receive twice monthly updates as we go for Zero and make a waste-free lifestyle easier for everyone to achieve. 

WATCH - our fortnightly waste weigh-in and detective work of looking into where your waste and recycling really ends up.

GET – hints and tips as we find the answers to all the trashy questions we encounter and find all the waste-free life hacks we can!

DISPEL - rubbish and recycling myths

JOIN IN “Me? But how? I don’t have time for all that sorting and measuring of rubbish.”

Each month, we will facebook and blog post the items in the ‘too hard' basket and turn to YOU to help us find a genuine use for them. 

You have little gems of wisdom buried in your brain—notes from Grandma, talents for seeing a bit of problem rubbish as a useful re-purposed item, scientific knowledge, common sense or skills to turn waste into wonderful.

SHARE your ideas and participate in finding solutions for troublesome trash, ours and yours!

 TELL us how we can refine 'The Rules' for living waste free.

By signing up to the fortnightly blog, sharing waste free me facebook posts with the ‘too hard' basket rubbish items and posting your ideas, you are significantly contributing to the Waste Free Me movement. 

With your involvement, we WILL reach Zero waste and support many others to find how to seamlessly incorporate Waste Free living.  Click below to subscribe to twice monthly updates that will support your waste free journey.